What we do. Quality is greater than quantity.

Foothills Fabrication is dedicated to high quality custom craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Our main scope of focus is architectural metalwork for residential and commercial. From guard rails to chimney caps and everything in between! We will work with your contractor or directly with the customer to ensure that your project becomes a reality. Unlike many metal fabricators, we know residential and commercial building code. When you bring Foothills Fabrication into your project, you are not only bringing in over 15 years of precision manufacturing background into the fold but also experienced builders. So we get the whole picture. We take every aspect of the project seriously.

But that’s not all we do.

We are geared towards any high-end metal work and manufacturing. With a strong background in rapid prototype manufacturing, cnc machinery and welding in a plethora of various metals (especially Aluminum). There isn’t much that’s out of our wheel house.

Our in-depth knowledge of metal manufacturing coupled with our equipment allows us to make nearly anything metal. From idea or concept to reality. Using 3d design software and our CNC plasma table allows us to show you concept before we cut! The ability to use CNC machinery together with high quality welding processes creates a very capable scenario where only the best quality is allowed. We tig weld nearly 100% of our projects, that’s what it takes to get the highest quality items out there! Most shops will splash some mig welds on it and grind it down. Not us, we leave everything exposed. There are no smoking mirrors here. What you see is what you get.

We look forward to talking to you about your next project or small batch manufacturing metalworks or welding needs. Be it unique one-of-a-kind stairs or guardrails, to processing sheets and plate through our plasma table and forming on a press brake. That’s what we do, and our capabilities are always expanding!

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