Foothills Fabrication, LLC is owned and operated by Dan Rowe.

Dan is a native to the foothills of the white mountains. Going to school at Fryeburg Academy. Later going to collage to get an education in intergraded manufacturing technologies. This Path led him to several fields of employment and experience, from pipe welding to 8000 lb excavator attachment manufacturing. But where the real-world experience really took off was when he got the opportunity to work at one of the most fascinating R and D shops, Howe and Howe Tech. Dan was employed there for nearly 8 years quickly moving up to management. Getting the chance to learn from some of the most capable and knowledgeable staff anywhere around. Tig welding lots of aluminum and running CNC equipment and writing G code, making unique vehicles from start to finish. Program manager for the Ripchair program for 5 years and also project manager for a Ripsaw build. “That was where I learned everything! And without the Howe family taking a chance on me I never would have gotten that diversified experience and would not be where I am today.”

“Now I am taking all that experience and knowledge back to the foothills of Maine and New Hampshire where I can lean on my background to bring you that same quality of technical skills, metallurgy and manufacturing”

When you Hire Foothills Fabrication for your project, you are not hiring a carpenter that taught themselves how to weld with a box store welder, or a mechanic that doesn’t know technical manufacturing (not that theres anything wrong with that! Carpenters and mechanics are my best friends!), you are hiring an experienced professional who has the education and background to do the job and bring your project to the highest level of quality that takes years to achieve.

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